The COLLECTIVE CINE FORUM of Valparaíso, Chile Simmons the audiovisual filmmakers to the XV Cineotro Human Rights Film Festival to present their works at our event that we will hold in September 2022 whose objective is to show what is recorded in the audiovisual world on the issues of Rights that concern the life of the planet. The film are aceepted from 2019
We are concerned about the right to life in Ukraine and the war started by Russia, as well as the Western military support led by the United States and the European Union, which is nothing more than fierce market disputes, the unconcern of the United Nations with respect to the United Nations Stateless as is the case of the Palestinians and the Israeli State, the Saharawi people and Morocco that violate due respect for the Self-determination of Peoples, the issue of African Migration that leaves death floating in the boats of the Mediterranean, the fields restricted refugees without any rights in relation to what is agreed in international spheres. Climate change, drought and the urgent need to find oneself in the Natural Biodiversity that allows the survival of our human species. Food sovereignty and the effect of transgenics in key plantations in a healthy diet. The pandemic effect and the huge business of laboratories and pharmaceuticals, quarantines and social political immobility require our maximum attention.
Our America and its dignity are must topics in current filmography, the social unrest in Colombia and Chile and the hopes for change are in the audiovisual memory, we call for film records, photographs and stories to be presented at our event, those who died in hands of the Chilean police and armed forces, the drama of the ocular mutations and the prisoners of October 19 are the subject of works of recent memory, the heroic role of women placing their rights in the streets of Chile and Valparaíso, the thousands of flags of the Mapuche people update the need to be heard all requests and see everything that relates, from their worldview, their medicine, their songs and their proclamations are a contribution to the success of that journey. Sexual diversity, the Right to Education and Culture, the Right to maintain fair labor relations with multinationals as employers merit a cinema committed to expanding the range of Rights.
The Films apply for the symbolic Galvano Prize "President Salvador Allende" in feature films, medium-length films and short films, to the winning filmmaker the symbolic prize "Juana Cuadrado" in honor of the Human Rights lawyer in times of the civic-military dictatorship, We require the authorization of the producer to have the material and upload it to a social audiovisual platform to be created for dissemination in thematic slots and that are at the service of education plans as well as emerging social movements.
1.- Deadline for submission of films September 5 to then make the selection, submissions must be online
2.- The copy will remain at the disposal of the Colectivo Cine Fórum, which may be exhibited without profit.
3.-All films must be subtitled in Spanish if the original language is not Spanish.
4- The copies must be sent online (necessarily with a download option).
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