Call To 8th Festival of cinema of the rights human of Valparaiso

8th Festival of cinema of the rights human of Valparaiso

24 to March 30, 2014 Valparaiso, Chile

 We call to film directors, producers,whom have shot film about Human Rihgt          
 Film Festival 8th that we will realize from 24 to 30 March 2014 in our city.
We are interested in films that denounce  as the Empire has implemented its plan of world domination, creating war, invading, negotiating, creating false democratic expectations and ensuring their loot collecting through multinationals, threatening the planet and the species human.
Our America and their experiences of the 21st century, which makes us dream of a second and real independence, the cry of our native people killed and displaced by the greed of multinationals and complicity of government lackeys           During the festival, we will conduct a symposium 40th anniversary  tribute to Miguel Enríquez who the fall in combat ,against to Pinochet dictatoship
Whose theme on its, with Latin American intellectuals who, through this example, analyse the local reality and the work of our continent.
Competition General bases.
The films arriving compete for the symbolic prize President Salvador Allende. These will be sorted by thematic stripes, migration, gender, self-determination of peoples, historical memory, social movements, indigenous peoples, sexual diversity, etc.etc.
1. open to all types of movies, whether fiction, documentaries, Docudrama, music, animation, thesis title, etc, etc.
2. The film , will be shown, do not censor any creation,we  have not curator
Avery film will have  a 12-minute Forum
The qualification of the award-winning films will be through a local jury and public vote.
3. The official language of the festival is the Spanish.
4.-Should be reached two copies on DVD more synopsis, sheet
5. The director must do get permission in writing authorizing to show his film at the festival and any other schedule non-profit.
6.-Films will not be returned and will remain in the collective Film Forum, organizer of the Festival archive.
March 10, is the deadline for receipt of movies
The films must be sent

 Nelson Cabrera Vásquez
Salvador Donoso 1408 sala 2
Valparaiso Chile   cel 77600578